She did all the things we would expect

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She did all the things we would expect

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Curie who was actually running a lab. And he agreed to let her come in and use the lab for her work. And as you know, her name becomes Curie. And so you can probably guess that over time there was an attraction, although I think he fell in love before with her before she fell in love with him. And he chased her around for more than a year, asked her to marry him several times. And only I think after several attempts did she finally agree. Brian Kenny: That's determination on his part too.

Bob Simons: That's right. But from everything we know, it was a very happy marriage. I think they were very happy with each other and they produced two lovely daughters. And it was, I think, a very strong Special Database marriage, in fact. Brian Kenny: But still, the bulk of her time was devoted to her work. I'm curious how many women were in this kind of a field at the time? Bob Simons: Almost nobody. Yeah, almost nobody. So not only was the field difficult in its own right, but the fact that a woman could rise to this level. So she was very, very different, very driven. And she and Pierre worked together very, very well.

And she struggled, I think, especially in those early years with what we call work life balance today. And this is the part my students have trouble with because she did everything she could to try to allow her to devote sufficient time to her family. She spent time with her children whenever she could. She hired a nanny. But at the end of the day, her real passion was her work. And so I think in her life, that came first. But she was very careful to try to ensure that she could do everything possible to ensure that her children and Pierre and her father-in-law, who helped as well, were all looked after to the extent that she could. Brian Kenny: And it sounded like she had pretty close familial ties when she was growing up. That family sounded like they were pretty bonded to each other.

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