Buyer's Guide - Washing Machines

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Buyer's Guide - Washing Machines

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A washing machine is an essential appliance , but buying one means taking into consideration a wide range of factors such as energy efficiency, size, features, price and the ongoing debate between front loaders and top loaders. As a result, we’ve compiled a comprehensive washing machine buying guide to help you make the best purchase decision for your home and family. But before tackling the machines themselves, let’s take a look at what you’ll need to know before you buy…

Size and loading options

This might sound obvious, but getting a washing machine that doesn't fit in the space allocated for it is not a good idea. Measure the space carefully, paying particular attention to the height and width.

Most washing machines are at least 59 cm wide, and 85 cm tall. Add in a centimetre or so for clearance on each side, or getting the machine in place could mean taking the rest of the kitchen to pieces.

The depth of the machine - how far out it sticks - is important too, but less crucial than the other two measurements.

For example, people with narrow galley kitchens or a corner space might find they can't open the washing machine door fully if the whole machine is already protruding into the available space.

So ideally, find one that fits as close to flush with counters and other fittings - as well as being able to open the door fully, it'll help prevent bashed hips and make cleaning a bit easier too.

There is another option to consider if space at ground level is limited but there are no vertical limitations like counters or shelves: Top-loading machines.

They're much less common than they used to be, but those available tend to be narrower - and of course, they don't have a front opening door to accidentally smack the kids in the face with, or trap people between the machine and the fridge.


Also referred to in terms of drum size, capacity is the next most important to consider.

In the UK they tend to range from 5 kg to 12 kg in capacity - which refers to the amount of dry clothing that will fit in the machine and be washed properly on a standard cottons setting.

Note the mention of the cottons programme there.

Different washing programmes are designed to deal with different size loads - for example, a good rule of thumb is that wool washes are meant to be half the maximum weight of the cotton wash.

The majority of UK washing machines have a capacity of 7 kg, designed for the average household. That means the wool wash would work best with a maximum load of 3.5 kg.

So what does 7 kg look like?

A typical 7 kg wash could include two pairs of jeans, two or three bath towels, a double sheet, numerous pairs of pants and socks, and several hand or tea towels.

Alternatively, follow the rule of thumb that a washing machine is approaching capacity when it looks comfortably full. That is: nothing's jammed in, and the dry items can shift about a little.

Some manufacturers will recommend a mixed washbag like that above to help balance the load - if all that's in a wash is four pairs of hulking wet jeans, they could end up clumped together in one part of the drum.

Mixing small with big makes calculating the ideal load more complicated, but it'll help keep the machine healthy for the times when the king-size winter duvet is the only thing to go in.

Anyone who still thinks they're going to struggle to fill the drum should bear in mind the biggest one-off washes they're going to need to do - like bedding or washable coats - then look for a machine with programmes designed to deal with smaller loads.

Owning a washing machine is no longer considered a luxury. More and more people are choosing to buy washing machines. We hope this guide helped you choose the correct washing machine for your requirements. Stay tuned to for buying guide or parts of washing machine, such as Semi Automatic Spin Motor

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